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About Me!

My name is Karine Bödeker, and I am the owner of New Plymouth Surf School. I am a certified ISA level 1 Surf Coach.


I am from the Netherlands and started surfing in my adult life when I was 22 years old and it changed my life completely. I started travelling the world in search of the best waves. After living in different places for 5 years I found my home in Taranaki.  


I love teaching people to surf; it is really the best job in the world. Seeing people catching their first waves is such a great feeling. I love to see how much fun my students have and how the confidence of kids grows! Shy kids become vibrant and people who were not sure about the ocean get more confident. Surfing is really for everyone and it is amazing to see how many different people attend my lessons.


Every day I am meeting new interesting people who step out of their comfort zone to try something new. Young and old, it’s never too late to learn to surf.

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Our mission is to make you smile!

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